It would be really nice if this little bit from Mike Reiss this morning put an end to the local and national speculation that Bill Belichick spent this summer gearing up for “one final run” with the Patriots before leaving New England for another challenge, such as the New York Football Giants.

Reiss reports that when the question was put directly to Belichick asking if this was the last year of his contact, the coach replied:

“I don’t talk about contracts, but I would say I like working here, I like the organization — ownership, coaches, scouts, players, and the guys I work with. I appreciate the opportunity to work here and it’s a good situation,” he said.

“I don’t see that changing any time soon.”

While of course, the answer isn’t direct, and it would go against Belichick’s style to say definitively one way or the other, I think the message is pretty clear here, much more clear than the speculation put out by those simply looking to stir up fans.

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