by Scott Benson

Morning, all. I caught you a delicious lynx.

The Patriots confirmed yesterday that cornerback Chad Scott will be lost for the season with a knee injury following his awkward, non-contact fall in last Friday’s practice. Damn shame on a couple of levels – Scott would have provided veteran insurance while Asante Samuel continues to percolate in Florida, and thanks to teammate Eugene Wilson, we learned yesterday that Scott had spent the off-season dedicating himself to that challenge as one the leaders of the Pats’ off-season program. Then, poof, season over. Life in the NFL can SO be a bitch, friends.

So that’s that. The Pats will now move on with Randall Gay across from Ellis Hobbs, and Tory James and rookie Brandon Meriweather in reserve. Does this give Samuel leverage in his dispute with the team? Who knows. I do know that they don’t need him any less today.

Two-a-days continue in Foxboro. Yesterday, the Pats worked on their passing game to varying degrees of success, though they’re even thinner at tight end than they are at corner. Blitz pick-ups seemed to be the highlight, until Tedy Bruschi knocked Sammy Morris’s hat clean off. Rookie lineman Kareem Brown, who somehow managed to get himself suspended before he ever took the field for the Patriots, returned. And on they go. I don’t want to seem impatient, but this is already feeling like drudgery.

Sad day in the NFL yesterday, as legendary coach Bill Walsh passed away. I think anybody who loves the league owes a debt to the great coach, a brilliant strategist, motivator and competitor. The league is a much, much better place for his standard-setting performances. Seems like New England is a better place too, as Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports explains.

Thanks to my colleague Dan Snapp for the heads up on that link. By the way, Dan offers his first column of the season tomorrow in this space. Please tune in.

Have any burning thoughts about the Pats, or the late Bill Walsh? You better have that looked at. Until then, drop your comments below.