With the Celtics acquiring Kevin Garnett from the Minnesota Timberwolves this afternoon, we needed to find a way to tie that in with the Patriots somehow.

Well, Garnett, in a 2004 interview with American Way Magazine, revealed that he is a huge NFL fan and a friend of Randy Moss, who of course spent the first part of his career playing in Minnesota with the Vikings.

As much as I can, I like to take my friends to other local pro sporting events. I’m a huge NFL fan, and I’m friends with Vikings receiver Randy Moss.

With Moss now with the Patriots, Garnett has an old friend from Minnesota to hang out with. I think this might mean we’ll see Moss at some Celtics games this winter as well.

Mike Reiss this afternoon talks to Patriots linebacker Adalius Thomas, who is also a huge basketball fan. Thomas offered his thoughts on Garnett:

“I really admire the way he plays the game,” Thomas said after the Patriots’ training camp practice this morning. “A big, tall guy who can run, shoot and dribble, who really hustles and does his job well, it’s going to be exciting to see him in there.”

So it appears the Garnett trade is going to be well received by at least two Patriots.