by Scott Benson

Patriots defensive coordinator Dean Pees had his chance the meet the press yesterday, and Mike Reiss of the Globe has our Feature of the Day on Pees’ presser.

I don’t want to make a big deal out of this, but Pees speaks so openly about the team’s plans that it feels (relatively) like he’s giving away state secrets. I had to keep checking to make sure the quotes were attributed to him, and not “sources close to the team.” Does Belichick know this guy is out here talking to people? Did he OK this? Is it all right for us to be hearing this?

Pees talked freely about the team’s thinking in regard to Adalius Thomas (he’ll play inside to start before his versatility is more fully explored; was Butch Stearns there to rebut?), Eugene Wilson (he’s a safety, not a corner) and rookie Brandon Meriweather (he’s a corner, not a safety). Criminy, Pees even talked about a Player Who Isn’t Here (Asante Samuel). 

In the end, Pees didn’t tell you anything you wouldn’t have figured out for yourself anyway, but his matter of fact confirmation of the defense’s early direction still feels like – again, relatively speaking – like an informant singing like a canary.


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Spill it here, Pees!