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I’m going for Kige Ramsey-style brevity this morning as a full day (and a maybe-slightly-impatient wife) awaits. Let’s see what’s in the Sunday papers today:

Over at the Globe, Christopher Gasper leads off with a look at Patriots veteran linebacker Junior Seau, who sacked Vince Young on Friday in his first action since breaking his arm against the Bears last November. Gasper follows with the day’s notebook, and the news of the release of secondary swingman Artrell Hawkins.

In Kige-speak: Artrell Hawkins was a solid fill-in for the Pats when their secondary was hurting, and it’s sad to see a good guy go, but that’s life in the NFL. This is Kige Ramsey for YouTube Sports.

Mike Reiss looks at the Franchise tag in the Football Notes, and manages to find a couple of tagged guys that don’t act like Michael Vick has just executed their dog. Reiss also checks in with old friend Christian Fauria (if Nick Cafardo was still writing this, Fauria would have blasted the Pats) and poor Brett Favre, who (you guessed it) is lamenting the lack of suitable ‘weapons’ to compliment his rare talent. If I was a Packer fan, I’d have jumped off a bridge already from listening to this guy.

At the Herald, Karen Gurgeian does the heavy lifting this morning, with more on Seau, who shared a few minutes in the limelight with teammate Rodney Harrison on Friday. Boston’s Other KG also looks at the whole defense, which was the ‘good news’ in the ‘good news/bad news’ equation aganst the Titans. Finally, Gurgeian has the Herald notebook, in which she laments the passing of Hawkins but welcomes back Vinny Testaverde, who re-joined the team yesterday.

Nice work carrying the ball by Karen today, but there was something a little too nurturing about her referring to a disheveled (from a sack) Tom Brady as ‘The Papa-To-Be’. Awwwwwwww, mom!

Elsewhere, John Tomase correctly points out that the Pats offense, for all its on-paper talent, still needs a lot of work. Albert Breer has a few minutes with Titans safety Michael Griffin, a favorite at this 07 draft headquarters and the young man BSMW’s Own Greg Doyle called one of the best players on the field on Friday night.

Down south in Providence, our friends at the ProJo again offer the wonderfully-named Shalise Manza Young (sung to the tune of ‘Feliz Navidad’) with a notebook that touches on yesterday’s player movements, as well as Bill Belichick’s praise for second year defensive lineman LeKevin Smith.

More Kige: LeKevin Smith is a former Nebraska Cornhusker who was a sixth round draft pick by the Patriots in 2006. He’s really coming on as a player in his second training camp. This is Kige Ramsey for YouTube Sports.

David Heuschkel of the Hartford Courant takes a second look at an up and down Friday night for the Pats.

This week will feature the Patriots’ first national TV appearance of the season, a Friday night battle with Carolina that will be handled by CBS. Aw, damn, I was looking forward to another WCVB broadcast.

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