by Scott Benson

The Patriots were off on Sunday, so there’s little in the way of news as the third week of the pre-season schedule begins today.

That’s good news in and of itself, considering how the injuries piled up across the league this weekend. AFC rival Denver took a couple of big hits, losing end Ebenezer Ekuban (for the season) and tough guy back Travis Henry (for at least a little while). No news certainly has to be considered good news for the Patriots this morning.

Anyway, there are more post-mortems on Friday night’s troublesome performance by the Pats offense, and the energized play of the Patriots defense. Who’s Michael Felger, by the way? New kid on the Herald staff? He has to be a new guy to claim that David Givens, Deion Branch, Asante Samuel and Daniel Graham would all still be on the team if the Patriots had just treated them like they did Ty Warren. It must have killed him to leave Adam Vinatieri out of that group. Old Black and White Felger, with analysis as deep as a kiddie pool.

Mike Reiss of the Globe has our Feature of the Day on new Pats punter Danny (My Name Is Erle) Baugher, who had an impressive turn against the Titans and appears ready to grab the ‘vacant’ punting job for New England.

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I knew I missed something on that Patriots goal-line stand on Friday night, and I did: the play of rookie end Kareem Brown, who was among the players who knocked Vince Young back away from the end zone on the fourth down stop that was credited to Tedy Bruschi and Mike Vrabel. We’ll see how Brown progresses from here, but right now it looks like the Patriots will have unprecedented depth along the defensive front this season.

Josh Miller stops by the Herald long enough to lay the smack down on former Steelers head coach Bill Cowher. According to Josh, being in New England taught him that coaches can win you up to three games every season; this of course reminded him of several near misses in the Steel City. Maybe Josh was thinking of a certain AFC Championship game from a few years back.

I know, I know….when it comes to Cowher, I need to be more specific.

No comments, however, is never good news.