Take the Over, Not the Underdog.

Everybody loves the underdog, from David to the Little Engine That Could.

Pundits cite the ’01 Patriots or the ’90 Giants as examples that yes, your team too can do the impossible. (Of course, they never mention the one element those teams had in common.)

Why not the ’89 Broncos, the ’92 Bills or ’94 Chargers? They were big underdogs, too, and so good at it, they never broke character through their respective Super Bowls. Updated rule: Everybody loves the underdog, until the underdog loses.

But let’s not insult these Giants. They’re a nice team. They put it all together at the right time, and made a legendary march on the road through the playoffs. They feature an embattled young quarterback, an enigmatic wide receiver, a sack-happy defense, and an NFL lifer at coach.

They’re the ’85 Patriots. What’s not to like?