(Editors Note: Throughout the afternoon, we’ll be bringing you last-minute thoughts from the members of our esteemed Patriots Roundtable, as they prepare to watch their team take the field for its fourth Super Bowl of the last seven years.)

I am excited about this game. I have read a lot of the pre-game stuff, and been talking with my friends and family about it a lot. I have gotten my ire up at the surprsingly talkative New York Giants. I’m ready to go. Which surprises me a bit. All the winning the Patriots and Red Sox (who I am also a fan of) have done the past few years spoils you a bit. And as a result, I think you lose the passion as a fan to some degree. Not that I don’t follow it closely and I still attend every game. You never lose your fandom or interest or happiness when they win. But I think that feeling you have, perhaps before the first one, that it would absolutely crush you if they lose and pure joy if they win diminishes when you get into dynasty territory. Then I think it becomes more like admiration or appreciation than pure adrenaline rush. But I think I am more fired up for this Patriots game than I have been for awhile. And more so than before their last Super Bowl win. Maybe its the history they can make by going undefeated. Whatever it is, I’m ready to go and I think most Patriots fans are. This isn’t just a mundane champion of the year that the NFL crowns every year they’re going for here. It’s a chance, as Junior Seau says, to be a part of ever. And that is special. And a great reason to get fired up. 6:18 p.m. can’t get here soon enough.