by Scott Benson

Once again a bottom-feeding sports desk has played hide the sausage with an incendiary hatchet job on Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

An alert reader (thanks Steve) tipped us to this ESPN Page Two five-star nutty by Gregg Easterbook, which calls for Belichick’s suspension for life from the NFL.

Easterbrook, a first-class weirdo who is apparently under the mistaken belief that Belichick is Jewish, has spent the better part of the last nine months comparing a football coach to the Devil. Now, just as his pet conspiracy theories evaporate one by one around his pointy little head, he decides to crank up the rhetoric.

Thing is, the story has disappeared. Go ahead. See if you can find it. The NFL page? Don’t see it. Page Two? Nope, not there either.

Imagine what kind of sick f**k you’d have to be to write a column that even ESPN can’t stand behind?

Don’t worry, Gregg. We saved a copy.

EDIT (8:08 pm) – It appears ESPN doesn’t have any trouble standing behind the column after all. Now the column being touted on Fearless Leader’s main page, with the plea for Commissioner Roger Goodell to “publish the guilty party” and bring Spygate to a close.

Funny that the free lunch gang is so quick to write off a half-million dollar fine when it’s coming out of somebody’s else wallet.

So, if I understand this correctly, unless Goodell suspends Belichick, preferrably for life, then Gregg Easterbrook and ESPN will see to it that Spygate never ends.

I think there’s a word for that.

It’s ain’t journalism.