by Scott Benson

“…it’s embarrassing, it’s absurd…”

Yeah, it’s that, all right. Bill Belichick was talking about Matt Walsh, but he could just as well have been tying a bow on this whole episode.

Because it has been nothing but absurdity since last September, and now we have the tight-lipped coaching legend making a surprise appearance on CBS News with Katie Couric last night.

Honestly, I can’t get into a line-by-line on his interview with Armen Keteyian. I’m parsed out, thanks. The details are in the link above (an extended version), and in Mike Reiss’s story this morning

Other than a short clip of Walsh filming a game against Cleveland, I didn’t see or hear anything I didn’t expect. Belichick – certainly with the team’s support – was clearly there to counter Walsh’s assertion to HBO Sports and the New York Times that the coach knew he was breaking a rule and has lied about it since, and he has lied about the extent of his interaction with Walsh.

Belichick fired back, going out of his way to paint Walsh as a puffed up, resume-fudging creep. Like any good TV interviewee, he brought a clip, evidently a director’s cut of the Cleveland tape Walsh produced in New York on Tuesday. This version focuses not on Butch Davis’s staff but on the former “third video assistant” behind his tripod, near two or three other guys doing the same thing, in broad daylight, in full view of every person in the stadium.

The clip will now be dissected and refuted and defended like everything else has been, and Belichick will no doubt be called a pathological liar by sunset tonight, if it hasn’t happened already.  He’ll no doubt be slammed for going back at Walsh, and incredibly, someone will accuse him of “dragging out the story”. That should be enough to cause me to have a stroke. Yet on and on it will go, as the calliope drones.

Look. Have we forgotten that ESPN felt liberated enough to paintshop this guy as the Devil Himself not too long ago? That ever happen to you? Ever been attacked from every corner of the 24 hour news cycle nine months running? Ever had so many people so anxious to believe the worst about you that they would accept unchallenged every word of anonymous assistant golf pro and wagon-hitching hanger-on?

Then I don’t think you can say the guy’s out of line in taking his three minutes to respond to the career embellishments of a corner-cutting, finger-pointing nobody. Enough’s enough.