logoby the Patriots Daily Staff

The Patriots bus started leaking oil like a sieve last Sunday night, so this week the PD mechanics popped the hood on the old girl for a look see.

On Monday, Chris Warner was first to report on the carnage in San Diego at the hands of the merciless Chargers.

Scott Benson was coming to a boil by Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Tyler Carter coolly broke down a crucial 3rd quarter, first-and-goal miss by the Pats.

Dan Snapp spent Thursday sinking in quicksand, pondering Matt Cassel’s abject mediocrity.

On Friday, Britt Schramm said NoMo LoMo, before encouraging the Patriots to follow Kansas City’s lead against the Broncos, their opponent on Monday night.

This morning, Greg Doyle wondered if anyone would be watching the BC game tonight.

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