logoby Scott Benson

With the Patriots not scheduled to play until tomorrow night, it’s time for a shorts-and-shells Sunday Links.

In the Globe, Mike Reiss has Tom Brady confirming a second procedure on his injured right knee to treat an infection that developed after his first surgery. Didn’t the same thing happen to Peyton Manning? Where are they performing these surgeries, by the way? On the locker room floor? Don’t they do them in hospitals anymore?

Also – all this time and who knew? TomBrady.com?

Reiss also visits with former Pat Daniel Graham, who will return to Foxborough for the first time since leaving for the Broncos in 2006. Point of order – I am a big Graham fan, but what’s with his bitchiness about the Pats? “Everybody might just see the glory because they win all the time, but it’s not always like that.”

Foreboding stuff. Is he suggesting that the front office doesn’t take the players for ice cream after practice? Who writes his material? Ron Borges?

In the same breath, Graham acknowledges “it’s a business”, so what’s the problem? Didn’t New England give him the chance to be 34-4 over two seasons with two world championships? Didn’t the cache that comes with that success afford Graham the opportunity to sign a $30 million deal with his hometown team, half of it guaranteed? And he’s bitter?

Moving on. Reiss closes out his three-pack with his weekly Football Notes, which focus on Matt Ryan’s burgeoning success story in Atlanta.

In the Herald, Karen Gurgeian has Dean Pees claiming the Patriots defense isn’t as bad as it looks. Okaaaaay…..maybe it’s the coaching, then.

Surely Jay Cutler has an opinion on that, so KG efforts a comment from the Quiet One.  Meanwhile, Daniel Graham’s speechwriter says it might help if they don’t throw all their chips on stopping the f**king run. Actually, I threw in the ‘f**king’ part because Ron can’t, though he surely would like to.

Leave it to the ProJo‘s Shalise Manza Young to turn our attention to something more positive, like the return of Kelley Washington after he missed a month with a sprained ankle. Watch the infections, Kelley!

SMY also contributes to the “Patriots Defense: Under Siege” coverage with more words from Pees, who thinks it would be a good idea if the Patriots stopped giving up 50 yard plays. I don’t know how they can fail with this kind of strategic thinking. Plus the inspiration; I mean, Pees pulls out Lou Saban’s “we gotta get it done” here (look around the 5:45 mark), and if that doesn’t get the boys running through walls, I don’t know what will.

Speaking of ‘done’, that’s all we can manage this morning, folks. We’ll be back with the full plate next weekend.