by Scott Benson

picThe Patriots have landed their second free agent cornerback in a week, according to Mike Reiss of Reiss’s Pieces on

A couple of thoughts on Leigh Bodden, besides the obvious:

  • A bigger corner than usual for these parts, at 6-1, 193, as was Shawn (6-0, 207) Springs, signed last week. A contrast to holdovers Ellis Hobbs (5-9, but a sturdy 195), Terrence Wheatley (5-9, 183) and the slightly taller Jonathan Wilhite (5-11, 185) and Mike Richardson (5-11, 190). What this means I have no idea.
  • Reiss reports a one-year deal, and a message board poster says that Bodden later talked with Sirius radio and told them he and the Pats couldn’t get together on a long-term contract earlier this month, and he ultimately decided to try to prove himself in New England on a one-year deal. He’s hoping the long-term deal comes after next season. Bite the inside of your lip if you think you’re going to laugh. He’s so naïve, it’s sweet. (Note: Christopher Gasper now has the transcript on Reiss’s Pieces.)

I’d like to tell you the Patriots have improved themselves with these secondary moves but that would be utter bullshit on March 10th. In the end, the men who play cornerback for the Patriots – no matter who they are – will only be as good as the fuss New England’s front seven creates.

Everybody acts like all the other teams have cornerbacks who routinely blanket opposing receivers, and if the Patriots could only get THEM instead of the crappy ones they have, everything would be all right.

You know, I see my share of opposing NFL cornerbacks – when they’re playing the Patriots. And from my perspective, they don’t seem to be blanketing Randy Moss and Wes Welker all that much. Even Jabar Gaffney most of the time.

They do when Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora are in the Patriots backfield on every play, though. Just sayin’.

In other news, the Patriots ended up swapping out Lonie Paxton for his rough NFC equivalent, longtime Cardinals long man Nathan Hodel. Hodel made about $800K snapping for Neil Rackers last year; Paxton just inked a five-year, $5M deal with Denver.