by Chris Warner

picAs the draft nears, New England looks to bolster their offensive line (I mean, come on: who doesn’t?). Currently rated as an early Day Two pick both for his work as Penn State’s left tackle and for his combine performance, Gerald Cadogan was nice enough to answer a few of our questions here at Patriots Daily.

Hey Gerald. Glad to have you on our site. Your Penn State player page mentions that you were a high school stud in Ohio. What made you cross state lines for college?

 The biggest selling point for Penn State was the tradition and family-like atmosphere. Coach Paterno is a great coach and after he visited me at my house, I could not pass up the opportunity to play for him.

You earned both All Big-Ten Conference and Academic All-American honors in school. Between practice and classwork, did you ever sleep?

I am pretty disciplined in budgeting my time with athletics and academics. It’s all about time management and not waiting until the last minute to finish assignments. I always set time aside for personal time during the day to hangout with friends or just taking a nap.

Was it fun to mess with Texas in the Texas vs. The Nation All-Star Game?

Texas vs. Nation game was a great week. I got a chance to meet a lot of talented players from conferences other than the Big Ten. What made the week even better was the win over Texas, in Texas.  

At 6-foot-5, 305 pounds, you have the size of a prototypical Patriots lineman. Any contact from NFL teams?

Between the Texas vs. Nation game and the Combine I have talked to just about every NFL team and have received good feedback.

You’re a left tackle, but you’ve played guard before. How tough a transition is that?

The biggest difference between tackle and guard is pass blocking. Being able to keep defensive ends in space makes a good tackle, where as, as a guard run blocking makes a good guard.

From a lineman’s perspective, what was your favorite offense in your time at PSU?

The spread HD offensive we ran this year with a mobile quarterback is my favorite offense.  

Were you happy with your overall combine performance? Would you have done anything differently (besides the obvious, like run faster)?

I am happy with my overall results from the Combine. If I had to do it all over again I would go in less nervous. 

A specialist can make his mark with a touchdown. What can a left tackle do to stand out?

 In order to standout as an offensive lineman, you must be aggressive and be competitive.

What do you think was your best game this past season?

 The Michigan game as well as the Oregon State game would be two of my best games.

You swam in high school. I’ll avoid the obvious Michael Phelps joke and ask you: what was your favorite aspect of competitive swimming?

I swam in high school mainly to stay in shape for football, and I also just liked to swim.

Being a double major (rehabilitation services and psychology) and a musician, what kind of career would you consider beyond playing in the NFL?

After football I see myself working in a public high school as a school psychologist. I will also continue doing something with music.

Patriots Daily thanks XAM Sports for their help in facilitating this interview.