by Scott Benson, Patriots Daily Staff
September 22, 2009

Let’s face it – after last Sunday, we’re looking for a lift anywhere we can get it.

And so we begin another quixotic journey across the Internet, this time in search of something on LB Prescott Burgess, who was acquired from the Ravens today in exchange for a reported 7th round pick.

Here’s the Baltimore Sun’s Jamison Hensley with a theory on how the trade may have come about.

It’s interesting that the Sun’s previous blog entry was one lauding Burgess’s special teams play last Sunday.

As you can see, Ravens fans are devastated by the news.

Joe Platania of may be.

Earlier this month, the Sun’s Edward Lee feted Burgess for making the Ravens’ 53, even though another post had him being shopped around as the teams whittled down their final rosters.

Dan Kolko of NASN says Burgess played his way on to the team.

Sadly, the cold blooded Ravens have already taken down his bio page, so we’re stuck with an almost-as-sparse player page. Ten games in three seasons as a pro, and he hasn’t cracked double figures in tackles. Probably isn’t going to jump right into the starting eleven then.

Though to be fair, there isn’t a whole lot of information to go on. Prescott Burgess, man of mystery. His own web site is tight lipped. They could at least change it to “going soon”.

Updated (7:27 PM):  The always reliable Mike Reiss has reasoned the hell out of another story (hey, good first comment).

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