by Scott Benson, Patriots Daily Staff
September 23, 2009

I was checking the blogs last night and I came across this post on Extra Points, the Globe’s successor to Reiss’s Pieces.

I thought these words were worth re-recording, from Dean Pees:

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Jets or whatever, you can’t let somebody run the ball. We started out pretty well there and then we got into a couple different things where they hurt us in the run. I think we got those settled down a little bit, and then the other thing is you’ve always got to take away big plays.

“I look back on the year, and I bring it up every year to the defense, the two things that always hurt you in drives are penalties and big plays. Usually if you can avoid those things and take those two things away … Now we didn’t get penalized any on defense Sunday but we gave up a big play, which was a direct correlation to leading to their one touchdown.

“When we look back at the season this year, we gave up three touchdowns and basically in all three of them there was either a penalty or a big play.”

This struck me as unwelcome news to those fans who are waiting for the Patriots to develop a pass rush spine this season.  By underlining the Pats defensive philosophy – stop the run, avoid penalties, and don’t give up the big play – Pees seems to strike down any hope for a balls-out blitz on NFL quarterbacks over the next few months. It’s just not a priority. Aggression doesn’t even make the top three.

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