“Tom Brady if you’re listening, take off the skirt and put on some slacks – toughen up.”Rodney Harrison to Tom Brady on NBC’s Football Night in America.

Those words from former Patriot Rodney Harrison touched off a bit of blowback, even though to me, it was very clear that Harrison was just busting Brady’s balls. Harrison’s comment was in reference to the two roughing the passer penalties given to the Ravens, one in particular where the defender lunged at Brady’s knees, and the QB did a slick matador move to get out of the line of a direct hit. Brady could be seen turning to the official and petitioning him for a flag, after which the official nodded and threw the flag.

Harrison had to come out and clarify that he was just busting Brady with the comments, and Brady, on WEEI this morning, busted Harrison right back, while expressing his affection for his former teammate. Harrison then came on WEEI and said that he had texted Brady earlier that he was going to get on him a little bit, and added that there was no way he’d say something like that in seriousness about the guy who is responsible for the two Super Bowl rings that Harrison owns.

Can we move on now?

It was another week of idiocy by the media, especially the national type. The prevailing wisdom seemed to be that the Patriots just couldn’t match up with the physical Ravens. The Patriots flagship radio station beat up on the team in the week prior, with mid-day host Gary Tanguay, who also hosts the Patriots pregame and postgame shows, insisting that the Ravens were too physical for the Patriots. He was “concerned” about this. Obessessed was more like it, as he must’ve said it 100 times in four hours on Friday.

The genius of beating up on the Patriots before the game is that if the Patriots win, everyone is so happy, they don’t care what you said the week before, and if they lose, you can bask in the position of being correct. A no-lose situation.

Nationally, the majority of the experts were in the Ravens camp, which wasn’t in itself such a bad pick, as the Ravens are a VERY good team. The reasons given were laughable. If you’ve been watching this game for years, you’ve come to realize that most of the national media really have no clue when it comes to picking games. Most of them do not follow all 32 teams on a weekly basis, and only know the basics of each team, which is understandable. Asking them to make picks across the league is unreasonable. Yet, they all continue to make the picks, and give their “take” on them.

An example was the NFL Network’s Gameday Morning crew, in which three of the four “experts” picked the Ravens. Steve Mariucci correctly picked the Patriots, noting the difference that Wes Welker would make. The other three, Marshall Faulk, Warren Sapp and Michael Irvin were all in the Baltimore camp, with their only “take” being that the Ravens defense was going to be too much for the Patriots. I believe it was Warren Sapp who said that the Patriots couldn’t handle the Ravens defense when Tom Brady was healthy, how will they now, plus the Ravens have a great offense now. I guess “couldn’t handle” means “never lost to” in Sapp’s world.

When it came to Irvin, the former Cowboy was to the point. “Ravens, easy. EASY!”

I tuned in for NFL Network’s highlights show at night, of which Irvin is a part, to see if he would address his pick. When it came to the Patriots/Ravens game. Irvin didn’t have much to say, other than some babble about the Patriots learning to regain their swagger.

This week? Expect to be overloaded with student/master McDaniels/Belichick references as the Patriots prepare to travel to Denver and take on the 4-0 Broncos.