by Scott Benson, Patriots Daily Staff
October 5, 2009

You don’t beat a 3-0 team without some solid performances on both sides of the ball, but Brandon Meriweather was the best Patriots player on the field yesterday.

It wasn’t just his cross country trek to knock a long touchdown pass away from Derrick Mason in the second quarter; it wasn’t just that he came just as far to run down Ray Rice later in the game, after Rice had sprinted 50 yards beyond the rest of the Pats defense.

It wasn’t just that he kept showing up whenever the ball was tipped, or that he later smartly read a Ravens short pass and nearly stole it. It wasn’t that he led the team in tackles, or that he was both fleet centerfielder and hard-nosed, downhill hitter, often on the same play.

It was all of it, and Meriweather’s performance throughout made this the easiest PD Game Ball of the young season. By the end of the game it actually seemed possible that Meriweather – at times considered a meh first round pick – could be an NFL star.

That’s something that requires more thought, and more Sunday’s like yesterday, but for now, Brandon Meriweather is the PD man of the hour.

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