Patriots Colts We’ve got a bonus edition of Trading Places this week, as this game is so huge that we couldn’t get just one perspective on it. we also reached out to Brooks Busch at to get his thoughts on the game. We asked him the same questions we put to 18to88 yesterday:

At 8-0 these Colts seem like they haven’t missed a beat. Coaching changes, injuries, nothing has impacted their W-L record yet. How good is this team? Can they run the table?

This team is just as good as it has been for the past several seasons. Although they don’t have the marquee names, such as, Marvin Harrison or Tony Dungy from last season, they have had many young players step up and fill in at key positions. Pierre Garcon, Austin Collie, and Melvin Bullitt have stepped up big this season in place of injured players, and as a whole the team is meshing very well. However, key injuries in the secondary could plague this team come playoff time, and I still don’t trust the offensive line as much as I would like to. That being said I still think this team is a surefire Super Bowl contender, but I do not think that they will be able to run the table. Last weeks game against the Texans marked the beginning of a very difficult stretch in the Colts schedule, and they were very lucky to hold onto the victory last Sunday. I expect them to drop at least a game here in the upcoming weeks.

The observation in the media here has been that the Colts are winning more with their defense this year rather than the offense. It’s being said that Manning has been providing just enough offense with Wayne and Clark, but that the defense is the strength of the team. The numbers seem to bear that out. Is it true?

The defense has played very well the past two weeks, giving up an impressive 31 combined points to the 49ers and to the Texans. However, the Colts have not played many prolific offenses this season other than the Texans and Cardinals. I am still nervous about how this defense will perform in the playoffs especially with the injures in the secondary, but this season the defense has played above expectations. Now I can’t give the defense all of the credit, the offense has put up at least 20 points six times this season and forced opposing offenses to keep up with them and play a style of football that they do not want to play.

The injuries on defense, Sanders, Jackson, Hayden, Halger. Are these going to catch up with the Colts at some point, or will they keep finding ways to plug the holes?

I hate to say it but I really feel like these injuries are going to catch up with the Colts eventually. They have really been hit hard by the injury bug, and they are one more key injury away, on the defensive side of the ball, from being completely depleted depth wise. The Colts have always found ways to plug holes created by injuries, however, you can only have so much talent on your bench that you can use to plug in. I would not be surprised at all if the Colts get exploited this weekend by the Patriots and their passing attack.

Tell us about a player on the Colts defense that Patriots fans haven’t likely heard that much of, but will know a lot more about after Sunday night…

With the injury to Bob Sanders the Colts will be turning to Melvin Bullitt to fill the void at the safety position. Bullitt has played extremely well this season and has many Colts fans thinking that he could be the safety of the future if the Colts choose to part ways with Sanders. Patriots fans will know about him after Sunday night, either for his ability to step in for Sanders and slow down Brady and the Patriots or for his inability to cover the Patriots receivers. One way or another Bullitt will play a key role in this game, and Colts fans hope he continues playing the way he has all season.

Here in New England, many Patriots fans such as myself have come to really respect Peyton Manning, we can admire his style of play and talent from afar. Is there any of that for Tom Brady out there, or is it all just dislike?

To be honest with you I wish I could tell you that all Colts fans felt the way I did and respected Tom Brady, but in reality most Colts fans hate Brady. Granted there a many Colts fans who respect Brady and understand that him and Peyton are two of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time. However, most Colts fans do not even like to acknowledge how good Brady truly is, they have just had their hearts broken to many times by Brady to have any positive feelings about him.  But deep down I think all Colts fans know that Brady is one hell of a quarterback.

Thanks, Brooks!

Here’s the answers to our questions over on ColtsChatter. (At the moment, he has me identified as being from another site. That should be corrected soon.)

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