Depending on the browser you use, some of you may be seeing a warning that this site may be infected with Malware and is a reported “attack site.”

Patriots Daily, along with thousands of other websites (including all hosted by the same company were recently the target of an automated attack by hackers. So no, this was not an attack originated by jealous Jets fans or anything like that (though the attack did originate from a site in New Jersey – hmmm).

The site is now clean, though you will likely continue to receive the warning until Google has a chance to re-scan the site and declare it to be safe. In the meantime, added security measures have been implemented in an attempt to keep the site safe from future attacks.

If you believe your computer may have been infected, please visit and run their free scanning and removal tool. They’re the best.  (Its probably a good idea to do this occasionally anyway.)

Thank you for visiting Patriots Daily.