By Bruce Allen, Patriots Daily Staff

This week will see the roster cut down twice, on Tuesday to 75 and Saturday to the 53-man roster. You’ll see a few moves after that before opening day (I believe that both the Richard Seymour and Lawyer Milloy moves actually both came after the 53 man rosters were originally set.) By next Sunday, players will be eligible for the eight-man practice squad.

Working off of the excellent work done by ESPN Boston Student Assistant Mike Rodak, we came up with the following squad.

Zac Robinson

The list will not be 100% accurate, as you can be pretty sure that they will grab a few players that are released from rosters around the league, perhaps seeking an developmental outside linebacker or defensive lineman that might fall by the wayside. Keep in mind also that players released by the Patriots could also be grabbed up by other teams, either to the active roster, or to that team’s practice squad.

  • QB Zac Robinson – The seventh round pick seems an obvious candidate, but could also be grabbed by another team.
  • RB Thomas Clayton – It would seem logical that the team would want to keep another running back around as well.
  • TE Rob Myers – With just the three tight ends on the active roster, keeping another stashed away makes sense.
  • OL George Bussey – The second year lineman has been hurt this camp. He was an offseason award winner, so he might get to stick around if not placed on IR.
  • OL Ted Larsen – Could make the team, but seems more likely to be a PS candidate.
  • DL Kyle Love – A defensive line project.
  • LB Dane Fletcher – Inside linebacker project.
  • S Sergio Brown – The safety from Notre Dame has had his moments in camp. He’s a long shot to make the team, but if cut, I think the Patriots will look to retain him.